Worship Services


One of the highlights of any Feast is the time we get to spend in Worship and Praise of our Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at a time of commanded assembly and rejoicing.

Services will be at 11:00 AM each day at the Convention Center Hall at Kentucky Dam Village. The first High Day will offer an afternoon interactive bible study at 2:30 PM.  The Last High Day of the Feast, Services will begin at 10:30 AM.

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Services will include traditional hymns as well as praise music accompanied by a choir and a band.   If you would like to perform music during the Feast, contact Priscilla Hawkins: cilla7@mchsi.com.  You are welcome to play an instrument or sing during congregational music.

Our sermons and teaching time will feature men from the Churches of God to share and expound on the Word of God at this exciting time of year that pictures the Hope we all look forward to seeing fulfilled.

We will also feature our immersive and interactive seminars you choose from each morning before services along with interactive bible studies.   Spectacular YEA seminars are also planned for teens, and YEA kids’ classes before services in various classrooms.  So you and your family will have different options to learn more about the Word of God at a smorgasbord of Bible learning at the Feast this year.

This year we will, by necessity – be gathering together *in the spirit* online to hear inspiring messages and join interactive Bible Studies.

We also hope to have a Praise and Worship session via a live stream during the Feast this year where you can watch online and sing along from home or wherever you are tabernacling.