Rejoice Together With Us At The Feast in 2023!

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Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! – Psalm 133:1

After coming together to rejoice as we are commanded at Our Lord’s Feast in 2022, we affirmed the blessing we were given to be together and worship Our King in love in our two festival locations.  Both were resounding successes and it is no surprise that before the 2022 Feast even ended, our brethren were eager to ensure we could do it again next year!  It is with great joy and eagerness that we have begun planning the 2023 Feast of Tabernacles at both Hot Springs Arkansas and at The Moors Resort on Kentucky Lake.

We hope our fellowship in the faith will continue to afford everyone the opportunity of choice in 2023 with members of the Body of Christ, whomever they are, all coming together in unity to worship and rejoice at Our Father’s Appointed Time.


The Church of God International and Christian Educational Ministries are again teaming up to host the Feast in Hot Springs Arkansas.  The area is nestled the beautiful Ouachita mountains of North Central Arkansas where early Fall tinges the majesty of natural deep beauty, coupled with myriad wilderness trails and the famous Hot Spring Baths and fountains that dot the area.

Services will again feature a traditional Church of God atmosphere with inspiring and familiar hymns, instructive sermons and an introduction of seminars and interactive bible studies for brethren who prefer a more familiar Festival setting.

The 2023 Feast in Hot Springs will be at a new venue The Hotel Hot Springs and Convention Center which is closer to many of the lodging facilities in the city and nearer to Lake Hamilton.  The convention center and breakout rooms will enable the Congregation of God to assemble in comfort and modernity as we worship together.


In Kentucky, Independent congregations and brethren will again come together to rejoice at The Moors Resort on Kentucky Lake, within 15 minutes drive of the KY Dam State Park.

The Moors Resort in Kentucky will host a smaller and more intimate group of 100-120 brethren which affords us the ability to be more fellowship-oriented.  Services at the Feast in Kentucky will feature a more contemporary atmosphere with a Praise and Worship band to lead us in praising our Father and His Soon-Coming Son with interactive bible studies and seminars and uplifting conversational messages. We accommodate all with spiritual gifts to inspire, uplift and teach, including women to lead our assembly in prayer at this site, and share in seminars and studies.  The atmosphere will be more relaxed and informal and like a big family reunion.  We will have as many meal-sharing opportunities as possible with plenty of fellowship activities that you have come to expect from a KY Lake Feast.

Wherever you choose to attend, whether in Hot Springs or at Kentucky Lake – Our Fellowship in Faith Feast of Tabernacles will feature one of the best spreads for your spiritual banquet table with a variety of opportunities for spiritual nourishment that appeal to many different biblical interests.  Worship and fellowship will sharpen your iron in a beautiful nature setting amidst the warm love, hospitality, laughter and enjoyment that comes when God’s People get together at His Appointed Times to worship and rejoice before Him!

4 thoughts on “Rejoice Together With Us At The Feast in 2023!

  1. We would like to join you all,. Our email is sunstar Don and Joyce Bruce, we live in Powderly, we may rent a cabin, if any is available. Thanks and have a blessed Sabbath.


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