KY LAKE 2021 Seminar Schedule: TBA

The Kentucky Lake Feast Site will feature a literal smorgasbord of spiritual enrichment activities.  Each day we hope to offer a seminar of biblical teachings and Christian experiences of brethren in the field to sharpen your iron and inspire you to the work Our Lord is doing with each of us.

HOT SPRINGS 2021 Seminar Schedule: TBA

Seminars will be at the Legendary Vapors meeting rooms at 9:30 AM on non-Sabbath days during the Feast.











2019 Seminars:

Video replays of Festival seminars are located on this page.

head shot 2 Blake S.

Linda Benton & Blake Silverstein

New FREE Tools For Knowing The Word

A new App that makes family bible study exciting and fun

Come learn all about the new CEM “BORN TO WIN APP with Ronald Dart”! You will learn how to view sermons, radio programs, Bible studies, essays and hymnal songs on the app.  How to make mobile donations via the app.  How to operate the free digital Bible that can be played through your mobile device.  We will even help show you how to download the app and show you how it will be used to enrich your FOT experience.

Linda and Blake will also demonstrate a Knowing The Word scripture memory program that incorporates unique and fun bible study techniques for the whole family.

Vivian Rust

Vivian Rust

Lyme Disease

The Hidden Pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year. However, because diagnosing Lyme is difficult, many people who actually have Lyme are misdiagnosed with other conditions and left without proper treatment.  Many experts believe the true number of Lyme cases is much much higher.  This seminar discusses Lyme disease, how to tell if you or your loved ones are affected by it, and where to go to get effective help.

Mardy Cobb

Mardy Cobb

Child of God Rescue in Kenya

Ministry and mission to orphans and brethren in Kenya.

An overview and update of a ministry that serves orphans, fatherless, and destitute children.  The presentation will include the vision and purpose of COG Rescue, along with pictures, and videos.  In addition, this year will feature a discussion of our “Well Project” and some of our new projects.

 Cindy Neumuller Michael

Cindy Neumuller & Michael Deering

Spiritual Warfare In An Age Of Wickedness

Preserving your faith while standing up to evil in a collapsing culture

We are witnessing a real invasion of demonic forces upon our nation and society and sadly many Christians and the church have surrendered the battlefield to evil in the name of tolerance and acceptance. Has the nation been given over to Judgement?  Will evil now rule us? There is a REAL demonic force out there, and YOU, the Truth and your faith are the target.   Michael and Cindy will discuss and share testimonies of spiritual combat, and what we can do to withstand this demonic assault on the truth and biblical morality, while keeping your faith intact.


Ben Eison

Transcending Fear, Anxiety & Depression

Jesus said He came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. We are also assured that despite intermittent difficulties at times, God would never leave or forsake us.  Yet, how often do we disregard His instructions to “not worry or be anxious about anything”?

 Consequently, it probably comes as no surprise that “anxiety disorders” are the most common form of mental illness in the U.S. today, affecting over 40 million people annually.  Unfortunately, despite God’s promises to assist us, way too many Christians are plagued daily battling this debilitating spiritual condition.

 This two-part seminar will explain the differences between fear, anxiety and depression, explore their causes and effect on body, mind, spirit, and physical environment, and demonstrate how right thoughts and beliefs can be harnessed in promoting less anxious mental conditions and help pave a more graceful & peaceful way to personal spiritual development.

Seminar Larry Carmiachael

Larry Carmichael

Found! The Biblical City of “Ai”

Come and see evidence from geography and archaeology that validates Joshua’s account in Joshua 7 and 8 of the conquest of Ai.

Blake S.

Blake Silverstein

A Pattern Of Evidence – The Exodus

Special Multi-media Presentation and Interactive Discussion

The credibility of the Bible is under attack. Many experts say there is no archaeological evidence for events like the Exodus. They claim these stories are just myths.  Twelve years in the making, the critically acclaimed film “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus” presents convincing new evidence that clearly matches the Biblical account!

Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney journeyed to Egypt, Israel and throughout the world in search of answers to one very important question: Did the Exodus, as written in the Bible, really happen? What he finds is astounding!

An interactive discussion will be hosted after the film


Roger Bright

Are You Ready?

We all know the world is in chaos. The failures of families and our moral compass as, not just Americans but the whole world. I will explore the meaning behind Matthew 24, watch therefore and be ready.

Danny Jacques

Danny Jacques

Back To Eden

Organic Gardening

Easy and affordable way to eat healthy


Larry Carmichael

What Is Our Future?

A study of key verses in the book of Psalms that describe the God ordained future for the Saints in the Millennium and Kingdom of God.

2018 Seminar Schedule

Each of the following 2018 seminars can be seen from a replay linked to a Youtube or stream link on THIS PAGE.