2019 Seminar Schedule*

The Ky Lake Cooperative Feast Site will feature a literal smorgasbord of spiritual enrichment activities.  Each morning will offer a seminar of biblical teachings and Christian experiences of brethren in the field to sharpen your iron and inspire you to the work Our Lord is doing with each of us.

Seminars will be held at 9:30 each morning in the Convention Hall Building and run for an hour each.

*New seminars and topics will be added to this list as they are confirmed in the next few weeks.

Mardy Cobb

Mardy Cobb

Child of God Rescue in Kenya

Ministry and mission to orphans and brethren in Kenya.

An overview and update of a ministry that serves orphans, fatherless, and destitute children.  The presentation will include the vision and purpose of COG Rescue, along with pictures, and videos.  In addition, this year will feature a discussion of our “Well Project” and some of our new projects.

 Cindy Neumuller Michael

Cindy Neumuller & Michael Deering

Spiritual Warfare In An Age Of Wickedness

Preserving your faith while standing up to evil in a collapsing culture

We are witnessing a real invasion of demonic forces upon our nation and society and sadly many Christians and the church have surrendered the battlefield to evil in the name of tolerance and acceptance. Has the nation been given over to Judgement?  Will evil now rule us? There is a REAL demonic force out there, and YOU, the Truth and your faith are the target.   Michael and Cindy will discuss and share testimonies of spiritual combat, and what we can do to withstand this demonic assault on the truth and biblical morality, while keeping your faith intact.



2018 Seminar Schedule

Each of the following 2018 seminars can be seen from a replay linked to a Youtube or stream link on THIS PAGE.

Danny Jacques

Danny Jacques

The Nutritional Lifestyle of The Godly

Life-saving and basic nutritional facts we should know and live by.


Rachel Kenady

The Gift Of Hospitality

Why hospitality is essential to the church

Hospitality is important to the vitality of a church.  Has it been missing from the COGs?



Ben Eison

What EXACTLY is the Heart?

A Deeper View of this Biblical Concept 

Many Christians today are familiar with Matthew 22:37 which instructs us to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind.  Although this seems quite simple and straightforward at first glance, did you know that the word “heart” appears over 800 times in the bible?  And because this concept is so all encompassing, it required biblical translators to use about 45 distinct Hebrew and Greek words to explain it.  Could the reason be there might be more to understand about the “multifaceted role” of the heart in the human system, than just being a plain physical organ that pumps blood and keeps us alive?

This two-part seminar will endeavor to convey a fuller meaning of this biblical concept, and serve to expand your view of the  “non-physical/spiritual” attributes we embody, which illustrate the fact that we TRULY are made in God’s image & likeness, and how fully embracing this reality will lead to a stronger faith, development of more empowering beliefs, greater intimacy in loving God, and more impactful answers to prayers.



Roger Bright

The Assurance Of Our Calling

A biblical exploration of what our calling is and how  important it is to make our calling sure.


Thursday Night 7:30 PM


Michael Deering

Lessons in Leadership and Christianity:

Allegories From ‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’

A multimedia presentation and open discussion.

Last year we took a page out of the Apostle Paul’s example of preaching the Gospel using popular culture as allegories to illustrate biblical principles to both children and the unchurched and looked at the many metaphors and allegories found in the Star Wars Saga.

This year Michael will flip the intended audience from the unchurched towards ourselves and those of us in the Church.  Using the latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi, discover the allegories and metaphors that illustrate lessons and principles we in the church are learning:  failures in teaching and leadership; how we look at others and present the truth of scripture; whom God gives His Holy Spirit, to how we see others God may or may not be calling – The Last Jedi has some deep reflective questions we should ask ourselves.   Whether you disliked the movie or loved it, or even if you never saw Star Wars, this seminar and discussion will have us look at both the movie and ourselves with new eyes.


Mardy Cobb

Mardy Cobb

Child of God Rescue in Kenya

Ministry and mission to orphans and brethren in Kenya.

An update of the ministry that serves orphans, fatherless, and destitute children in Kenya.  The presentation will include pictures, and videos of our orphanage and school in Ogembo, Kenya with an update on the latest Mission trip attended by brethren from here in the USA.


MEK Pix 1

Michael Kelley

Creation Versus Evolution

Using God’s Creation to Debunk Evolution

A seminar that looks at the irrefutable evidence of Creation versus the false theories that deny God or His Authorship of the material universe.



Larry Carmichael

Who Is the Most Important Man In the History of Your Bible?

Join us as we look into the life of the most important man in the history of the English Bible.

On display will be numerous museum quality Bible leaves from the 1500-1600s.  Also displayed will be complete key English Bible replicas.

Have you ever seen the first book printed with movable type?  A replica in full color of the Gutenberg Bible will also be on display.