Housing & Lodging


There is housing for any price bracket both at the site and in the surrounding area.

Kentucky Dam Village’s housing includes camping, cabins, or hotel rooms.   These facilities are conveniently located on the same property where we have worship services.

Rooms and cabins are available at the Kentucky Dam Village State Park, but accommodations book up quickly, so you may want to hurry.  Space is limited. You can make reservations at the state park by calling 270/362-4271.  Let the operator know you are with the CGI/CEM Feast Group or Group# 1875  for the group rate during the Feast.

The following rates are specific to the Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park:

Room Type                    Rate            Tax         Resort Fee         Daily Total          Entire Feast
Lodge Room                  79.00            8.09              5.00                     92.09                     736.72
1BR, 1Bath                    85.96            8.80              5.00                     99.76                     798.10
2BR Standard               118.95          12.18             5.00                    136.13                  1,089.04
2BR Deluxe                  153.85         15.75             5.00                    174.60                  1,396.83
3BR 2Bath                    186.25         19.07             5.00                    210.32                  1,682.58
3BR 3Bath                    191.30         19.59             5.00                    215.89                  1,727.11

If you have any problems making a reservation at the Kentucky Dam Village, please call Skip Martin immediately. 

If you have any questions about the Kentucky Dam Village, call contact festival coordinators James Pollitte:  jamespollitte@kih.net or 606/742-2222, or Skip Martin: smartin400@gmail.com – 870-926-3624

There is also a wide-range of accommodations in the area within minutes of the festival site at KY Dam Village for a variety of budgets.

Because this is a largely rural area, there is minimal traffic congestion except on Interstate 24, which is under construction for expansion in the area so please drive carefully!