Rejoice Together With Us At The LBL ONLINE Cooperative Feast in 2020!

Sunset Pier LBL

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! – Psalm 133:1

We are sad to announce that the LBL Feast of Tabernacles at Kentucky Dam Village has been officially cancelled for 2020.

We did not come to this decision lightly.  Our primary concern was for the well-being and safety of our brethren attending with us.  We looked for every opportunity and waited as long as we could for official guidance and confirmations to be able to proceed with our festival plans to provide and host the Feast at this location.

Ultimately it was impossible for us to plan and prepare for the Feast at KY Dam Village.  We were beset with unworkable levels of uncertainty and limitations imposed by edicts from the KY Governor and State Park policies.  We could not obtain a commitment or confirmation from the facility to supply our needs from the resort and the meeting hall.

Since June 29, we were limited to having less than 50 persons in the meeting hall.  New restrictions imposed by the KY Governor as of July 20 now limit group attendance anywhere indoor or outdoor to less than 10 persons.  Also state law mandates masks are to be worn by everyone while in public both outdoors and indoors.  Fines for non-compliance are steep and this state-enacted policy will likely last until the end of the year.  In addition, there is limited, unavailable or lack of dining options for our feast-goers (many restaurants in the area have closed permanently). The restaurant at the park is limited to phone-in carry-out only with no buffet.   The KY Governor has also imposed travel restrictions on brethren coming from states such as SC, FL, GA, MS, AZ, TX, UT with high Covid-19 cases that will require a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon entering Kentucky.

Most importantly, the safety of the brethren is at the forefront of all our concerns and is the major impetus for our decision.   The large majority of our assembly at LBL are in their 70’s and older – and as such they are at high risk with this virus, and we cannot in good conscience live with a decision to gather should someone get sick and suffer due to our assembly.  The liabilities are simply too great for us to bear.


While we have made the decision to cancel our physical gathering for the Feast of Tabernacles at LBL, KY Lake – we are planning to provide the LBL Feast experience online this year, with sermons, interactive seminars, A Song Service, interactive bible studies and fellowship opportunities every single day of the Feast via Go To Meeting and with links provided to watch streaming messages from groups that are able to meet in their locations.  For updates and an upcoming schedule of events, speakers and online fellowship meetings – please visit THIS PAGE.   We will be updating it frequently as we put our schedule together and confirm dates, times and topics.

We again are truly heartbroken to have had to make this decision – but with the ongoing pandemic and it’s consequences plus the violent chaos that has broken out across the country – we do not wish to risk anyone’s safety or health at this tumultuous time.

We do look forward to having you join us online for the Feast this year if you are willing.

The LBL 2020 Festival Planning Team

The 2019 Kentucky Lake Feast continued the uplifting spirit of cooperation, rejoicing and fellowship with so many folks both young and old across so many brethren unified in love.   Plans are already underway and more brethren from different congregations and groups are planning to join us as word of the joy, fun, inspiration and celebration at this Feast site continues to be shared.

This friends and family Cooperative Site is co-hosted by The Church of God International, and Christian Educational Ministries.  We are joined in fellowship with members of the United Church of God and various Independent Churches of God, all coming together in unity to worship and rejoice together.   It will again be held at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park in Western Kentucky and is a convenient location for many who live in the Central U.S.

This site is in the midst of a beautiful state park and far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Smack-dab on the shores of Kentucky Lake in the midst of the Pennyrile Forest, a spectacular array of Fall colors awaits you in the midst of a serene natural setting that speaks to the glory of God’s Handiwork.

Accommodations and Lodging at the Park or the area feature everything for nearly every budget. From camping to condominiums and executive cottages to motels – this area has it all conveniently located close to the convention center.

Fellowship opportunities are endless.  The Convention Center is available to us almost anytime and will host an abundant array of fellowship events.  From uplifting and inspiring worship services, to hysterical and fun family games, informative seminars that engender spiritual discussions that can go on right up until sunrise!

Family recreation attractions are within minutes of our worship services auditorium. These attractions include hiking, laser tag, zip line, go carts, corn maze, Civil War site, a buffalo ranch, 1800s local town re-enactment, country music show, horse back riding, fishing, golfing, The Kentucky Opry, The famous Paducah Quilt Museum, Railroad Museum and much more. 

Our Family & Friends Cooperative Feast will feature one of the best spreads for your spiritual banquet table with a variety of studies, seminars, workshops and learning opportunities that appeal to many different biblical interests.  Worship and fellowship will sharpen your iron in a beautiful nature setting amidst the warm love, hospitality, laughter and enjoyment that comes when God’s People get together at His Appointed Times to worship and rejoice before Him!