Kentucky Lake Resort Update

Visit and update on 6-08-22

We visited Moors Resort today, and we must confess, we are super excited about this year’s Feast. While driving there, seeing all the remaining tornado damage, was a reminder to count our blessings. The Moors resort was spared damage and was able to host many of the displaced families for months. 

We will once again be meeting in the Great Room/Lodge Meeting room. The hall is beautiful. They have two playgrounds, an awesome pavilion (with electricity), mini golf course, a beach, a launch area for kayaks and smaller crafts, a full marina, a great restaurant, and an amazing view. 

Here is the list of remaining rentals at the Moors for anyone looking for housing.  I have attached a map for reference, along with some pictures we took last year. 

Lodge Rooms – sleeps 2-4

3BR 2BA Waterfront – sleeps 10 (units 13, 19, 36 & 37)

2BR 1BA Plex Cottage – sleeps 4 (unit 4)

2BR 1BA Cottage – sleeps 7 (units 21 & 22)

4BR 2BA Rustic Cottage – sleeps 10 (units 24, 32, & 33)

3BR 2BA Rustic Cottage – sleeps 7 (unit 25)

3BR 2BA Cottage – sleeps 10 (unit 26)

4BR 2BA Log Cabin – sleeps 16 (unit 27)

2BR 1BA Waterfront Townhouse – sleeps 6 (unit 30)

1BR 1BA Waterfront Townhouse – sleeps 2 (unit 31)

3BR 2 BA Rustic Cottage – sleeps 7 (units 34 & 35)

Unfortunately, all campsites are taken by long term rentals. 

Make sure when you call and make a reservation that you state you are with “Fellowship in Faith” in order to qualify for the 10% discount. The prices are listed on the website, but you need to call to place your reservation, and you will pay a deposit of first nights stay. If we book over 10 cabins/cottages/lodge rooms, then we will all get a 10% discount when we check in. They are looking forward to our groups arrival. 

Don’t forget to CALL for reservation, the online booking does not place you in the group. 

Moors Resort and Marina

570 Moors Road

Gilbertsville, KY

(270) 362-8361

We are working on speakers and activities.