Replay of Feast Services



Opening Night 10-02-2020 – Welcome and Message By: Skip Martin

Day One 10-03-20 – Wynn Skelton: “Why Temporary Dwellings”

Day One 10-03-20 – Michael Deering “The Cancel Culture – Dealing with hostility to moral truth”

Day Two 10-04-20 – Bill Watson: “Recognizing Our Spiritual Tabernacles”

Day Three 10-05-20 – Skip Martin & Michael Deering: “A Faith Misplaced in a Cancel Culture”

Day Four – 10-06-20 – Skip Martin: “A Better World”

Day Five – 10-07-20 – Blake Silverstein: “A Heart For The Holy Days”

Day Six – 10-08-20 – Bill Jacobs: “Truth and Freedom”

Day Six – 10-08-20 – Prasad Gampala with Michael Deering “From India With Love”

Day Seven – 10-09-20 – Mike James: “Flick The Switch”

Day Eight – 10-10-20 – Michael Deering: “A New Beginning”


We apologize that John Reedy’s sermon on the first day and the two seminars given early in the Feast were not recorded due to the streaming failure encountered at the facility.

Highlighted Links will take you directly to the Youtube video of each sermon.

Day Two 10-15-2019 – Sermon By Kevin Kenady: “A Chrysalis of Change”

Day Three 10-16-2019 – Sermon By Keith Kleeschulte: “In His Holy Presence”

Day Three 10-16-2019 – Sermon By John Beasley: “Let The Music Speak To You”

Day Four 10-17-2019 – Sermon By Bill Jacobs: “Not Missing Out On God’s Plan For You”

Day Five 10-18-2019 – Sermon By Skip Martin: “Tabernacles & Faith”

Day Six 10-19-2019 – Sermon By Mardy Cobb: “Remembering Our Future With These 10 Words”

Day Seven 10-20-19 Sermon By Blake Silverstein: “Spiritual Warfare: A Combat Guide For Youth”

Day Eight 10-21-19 Sermon By Michael Deering: “A New Beginning”


2019 Seminars

Roger Bright – Are You Ready?

Ben Eison – Transcending Fear, Anxiety & Depression Part 1

Ben Eison – Transcending Fear, Anxiety & Depression Part 2

Cindy Neumuller & Michael Deering – Spiritual Warfare In An Age Of Wickedness

Larry Carmichael – Found!  The Biblical City of Ai

Danny Jacques – Organic Gardening

Mardy Cobb – Child of God Rescue in Kenya

Rachel Kenady – Women’s Roles in the Church

2019 Youth Day Worship Service Band & Kids Choirs

2019 Youth Day Worship Service


Relive The 2019 Fun Show!

See Skip in Kilt!  Hear song and dance and learn if Scotsmen wear underpants! Mirth, Merriment, Music and Madness!

Hillbilly Highlanders

REPLAY OF 2018 Festival Services 

Links will take you to Youtube video of the full service.


Links will take you to Youtube video of each Seminar that was given at the Feast.
Replay of the 2017 Festival Services.  We are sorry that the Seminars did not get recorded this year.  We will remedy that for next year.
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