Tornado Recovery At Kentucky Lake

On the evening of December 10, 2021 around 9:45 PM, the giant mile-wide Quad-state tornado that began in Southeast Missouri, roared here through Western Kentucky, devastating not only cities like Mayfield and Dawson Springs, but blasting through the Lakes area near the Moors Resort.

Cambridge and Sherwood Shores subdivisions that are right next to the Moors Resort to the North, were completely destroyed. And while the Moors resort itself did not receive serious damage, the impact to the area has directly affected the region and operations at the resort.

This page will serve to provide updates of any recovery/rebuilding situations that may impact the Feast at the Moors in October, 2022.

Moors Camp Highway is currently closed except for residents and contractors involved in the clean-up and rebuilding. This is the only road that leads to the resort. It was reported that we can expect off and on closures of this road when utilities and large loads of debris and rebuilding supplies are moving in and out of the stricken area.

Currently the Moors is housing many of the displaced families whose homes were destroyed in the tornado, rendering many of their rental units, rooms and cottages unavailable at the resort. This is also true of other resorts and hotels in this area that are doing the same. They do not know how long this situation will last, it is hoped and expected that these victims will be in new dwellings by Fall 2022.

We will update this page as we get closer to the Feast about any potential impacts to reserving a room or holding the Feast for the 2021 LBL-KY Lake Feast of Tabernacles.

The following two videos catalogue the event and the devastation in the area. Your continued prayers are appreciated.