While mask mandates are being dropped and dismissed nationwide by court orders as of this writing, we continue to hear government officials discuss the need to re-implement them. As such this issue is likely going to remain very fluid – however our policy regarding masks and vaccines will remain exactly the same as it was last year.

The official Mask/Vaccine COVID policy of the Planning Team at the KY Lake Feast of Tabernacles is this: 


What this means is that we have no policy for or against the wearing of masks or being vaccinated for COVID-19.

Unless the Moors Resort changes their current policy, we will NOT mandate anyone wear masks at the hall or at our activities at the resort – NOR will we prohibit anyone wearing masks, regardless whatever rules are set forth by state or federal officials. 

If you desire to wear a mask to services and activities – please do so. If you do not want to wear a mask, you are not required to do so. There should be no shame or offenses regardless of your choice.

Some brethren do suffer from weakened immune systems and wear masks to protect themselves, and some may wear masks to protect you from anything they may have.  So let us think better of the other.

We will not inquire about vaccination.   We request no one else inquire about vaccination either.   The KY Lake Feast is open to all who choose to come worship with us at this appointed time.

DO NOTE, we only have ONE big room at the hall in which we will meet for most of our services, seminars and activities.  We will also be dining together there as well. 

There are no anterooms or individual areas secluded and enclosed from the main hall. If, at the Feast there are a number of brethren who prefer to wear masks and want to sit together apart from the rest of the congregation – we may or may not be able to accommodate that depending on attendance.

We are going to attempt to run a test for audio streaming for those who are at the resort but remain in their cabin – however, the internet service at the resort is very slow and sometimes not responsive at all, so this option may not be available, we will advise if we are able to.

We expect you to use discernment with the information we have provided regarding this issue and make the best decision for yourself and family.

We do ask that you do not come to services if you are not feeling well and that you show patience and grace to other brethren who may choose differently than you in regards to masks.

Therefore let us show love and respect for one another regardless of what each of us decides in regards to this matter.

There is no reason for us to fall victim to the government and media’s efforts to divide us in fear over one another. Let us be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.


The Kentucky Lake Feast Planning Team

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